How I make an income from photography

Nigel here and as I said in my last video I’d like to try something new here

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People always ask how I make an income with my photography so I'm creating something that pulls back the curtain on this fun, yet business side.

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It’s an inside look at my most recent trip to the Faroe Islands with loads of lessons on landscape photography.  But then it’s also a practical how-to on the sales side of things – an inside look at the photos I brought home and what I plan to do with them for sales.  (This is something I do on a regular basis for full-time income).

  • It’s for you if you like landscape photography. 
  • It’s for you if you want to “up” your skills and get better at creating great images. 
  • And it’s for you if you’re interested in selling prints and/or photography services online.

There is no cost and no obligation on your part when you add your name to this list above. It’s just my way of knowing who’s interested. 

I’ll eventually charge for the course but for now raising your hand above just means you want me to send you more information when it’s ready in these next few months.  As a thank you for being an early adopter, I’ll make sure you get a discount if you decide to buy, too.