A bit about me

Iceland, Spring 2003

Life is about experiences

I started photography when I was 11 years old and fell in love with it. Although, my first results left a lot to be desired. What really got me interested was processing B&W films. I was intrigued by darkroom process and the magic of seeing the pictures come out of nowhere onto the photographic paper. Many hours were spent in the attic of my parents house in the semi-dark!

After founding and growing a software company from nothing to over 100 people I had a number of life changing events that changed my priorities in life.

In 2016 I had a serious car accident.  My heart stopped and I rolled my car 3 times.  Luckily I came away from up relatively unhurt and after a another two 30s pauses in hospital I was fitted with an emergency pacemaker.  All this happened in Yosemite National Park of all places!  I went back to Yosemite when I had recovered and started my YouTube channel.  

At some time in life you have crossroads that are presented to you or thrust upon you.  I really believe that true happiness is about following your passion.  And in 2017 that big change came for me.  I decided that I wanted to experience the place I love so much more - the great outdoors.

2017 - A big change


In June 2017 I returned to the UK and swapped my office seat for full time hiking boots and decided to take up photography professionally and grow my now thriving YouTube channel.

I love that I now get a chance to travel the world, meet great like minded people on workshops and talk about my passion.  

I have had chronic back pain for over 3 years now as many people do and sitting behind a computer doesn't help that.  So I am really fortunate to now be able to  pursue my dream and not have to sit down too much (apart from editing and writing BIOs on my website - Ha!)

All my photos are now taken digitally – and even though the versatility of digital is so much greater I do miss the satisfaction of the darkroom.

What motivates me to get out

My passion is taking photos of landscapes and I have been fortunate enough to travel to many fantastic places – with my all time favourite being Iceland. I find it so rewarding when you get that picture that captures the weather, or the ever changing state of the environment. You really do capture a ‘moment in time’. Landscape photography is so enjoyable to me as the next time you go on a walk or take your camera on a specific expedition you just don’t know what you may capture.

Carpe Diem



Anybody who has a four legged friend will know the health benefits they bring.  Both physically and mentally.  Pebbles is my adorable English Springer Spaniel and she comes along from time to time to help me with the vlogs.  Although that is what she thinks.  In actually fact she isn't that much help at all and has now eaten 3 wind shields and knocked my tripod an camera over twice.  I love her to bits though!

MY 5 guiding principles

1) Always photograph the things I love.  Never shoot for commercial gain alone.

2) Shoot more sunrises than sunsets - even in the summer

3) Don't spend too much time editing my photos

4) Don't buy new gear unless mine is broken or stopping me getting the images I desire

5) Visit and photograph 3 new locations (maybe a county or country) every year