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7 Awesome Landscape Photography YouTube vloggers You Should Follow

Do these questions sound familiar?

  • How did they take that photo?
  • What setting did they use?
  • What equipment did they use?
  • Where exactly was that photo taken?

If you are anything like me then you will have a thirst for knowledge to improve your landscape photography.  Whilst there is no substitute for getting out and shooting, failing, shooting some more, and more and more, reading or listening to how others shoot is inspiring.

I started vlogging earlier in the year (My VLOG > ) as I wanted to share my experiences and create a record of places I have visited.  Whilst researching this I came across a number of inspiring landscape photographers on YouTube and wanted to share their channels.

1)  Simon Baxter - Landscape Photographer in Yorkshire, England

Simon Baxter is fairly new to YouTube but his videos are stunning.  His knowledge of the ancient oak woodlands in Yorkshire makes for compelling viewing.  

Join Simon and his pet Labradoodle in his first woodland photography video below

2) Thomas Heaton - Landscape Photographer in North England

Thomas Heaton started vlogging about his adventures and photography shoots back in November 2014.  He has amassed over 100,000 subscribers through his engaging personality and wit.  His photography takes him all over the world to places like Iceland, Zion National Park and Yosemite in California.

Interesting fact - His image is used as the homepage to the Flickr App (the one with the tent)

3) Andrew Marr - Landscape Photography in Australia

Andrew Marr shoots amazing seascapes and landscapes in Australia.  He gives the viewer an insight into his exact setup and you always come away with some great tips and techniques to improve your photography.

Watch this great video on long exposures in landscape photography


4) Peter McKinnon - Photography and Cinematography

Peter McKinnon isn't a dedicated landscape photographer.  But his skills in editing photographs, composition and photography techniques are compelling.  The care and attention he puts into all his videos and stories make him one of my favorite vloggers.


5) Ted Forbes - General photography and in depth discussions

The Art of Photography is all about the passion of photography.  Ted's reflective anecdotes about his life taking photos, famous photographers and techniques is inspiring.  He also has a strong community of photographers that watch his 'show' and participate.  

Here is a video he produced about the work of Ansel Adams


6) Joshua Cripps - General photography tips - with many on landscape photograhy

Joshua Cripps produces the channel 'Professional Photography Tips' with many of his videos talking about landscape photography techniques.  His videos are mainly about techniques in photography and his humorous style make them enjoyable to watch.

Here is a great video about using the gradient filter in Lightroom


7) Ben HORNE - AMAZING Large format photography of Zion and Death Valley

Ben has been making videos about his trips to Zion Canyon and Death Valley for years and he has got a great catalogue of material (over 300 videos!!!).  His images are amazing and his vlogging style is delivered in mesmeric mellow tones.  Large format photography is not for the faint hearted and he makes it seem easy!.  It requires a great deal of patience and dedication which Ben has in abundance.  An awesome watch!

This is a great video from his fall trip to Zion on 2016

 8) Nick Page - Landscape Photographer focusing on seascapes << BOOM I ACTUALLY CAME UP WITH 8!

Nick's photography on seascapes is amazing!  He has spent a lot of time experimenting with light, exposure and timing to create stunning images.  His vlog about the journey to take these images is well work a look.

This video on chasing waves shows how important it is to have patience and perseverance in photography


My landscape photography vlog

I started vlogging about landscapes earlier this year.  Here are a couple of my videos that share my passion for seeking out new locations and 'golden light'