Kinder walk and a sunrise

I have been planning a sunrise / sunset trip to the Peaks for some while now.  I don't get a lot of spare time so decided to have a Monday off work and set off early to Edale and take in Mam Tor on the way for Sunrise and then do a reasonable walk on Kinder - finishing with the sunset over the Cheshire plain and over Bosley Cloud. Mam Tor is a fantastic place to shoot the sunrise or sunset as it is easily reached from the road into Edale.  It is a short 10 min walk to the top.

I arrived at the top in almost complete darkness and found a good vantage point for what was to prove the best photo I took all day.  I now find that I use the Tokina 11 - 16mm lens more than any other and if you are careful you can get some stunning results with it.

Sunrise from Mam Tor

Sunrise from Mam Tor

I then parked in Upper Booth and set off up Kinder via Crowden Clough.  This is a steep route up Kinder and more of a scramble up a river bed than a well marked path.  The clouds were very low though - so no luck with any great photos.  I did take a few videos on my iPhone which I thought I would share

Kinder route map

Walked from Upper Booth over Kinder Scout and back down Jacob"s ladder (8 miles)

At the top you really need to be careful and try and follow the river bed - if you go off track (as you can see I did from following my track above in the map) if is easy to be knee deep in peat!

At Kinder Low the views are impressive as are the rock formations - definitely one to come back to at sunrise!


Edale Valley at sunrise Edale valley


Cornwall Coast

I have just returned from my family summer holiday to Cornwall.  This year I actually pushed myself to get out in the evening and explore the coast between Lands End and Cape Cornwall.  We were staying near Sennen Cove (a magnificent beach and great for Surfing). I decided to try out my new Tokina 10-17mm f3.5-f4.5 AT-X lens.  I also have a Nikon 17-55 f2.8 lens which is great but when shooting landscapes I often wanted the extra wide angle the Tokina gives.  So I left the Nikon at home so I would be forced to use the Tokina.

Lands End RSPB lookout (Nr Sennen Cove, Cornwall)

The image above shows the advantage of using the 11mm lens.  However, you do need to be careful with verticals - such as the ones on this lookout.

Heather at Lands End, Cornwall

I had walked over the path between Sennen Cove and Lands End the day before with my family and seen the potential in the vibrantly coloured heather.  It wasn"t an easy shoot to get though as I needed the golden light on the heather, background interest, control the dynamic range left to right on the Lee filters. The 11mm lens allowed me to get great foreground detail.

Crabbing at Sennen Cove, Cornwall

In Sennen Cove I had noticed that the sunset created a great opportunity for some silhouette images.  I didn"t manage to get the shot I was after but the above is the best of the bunch.  If the guy that is crabbing was the other way around that would have been perfect.  This images was taken with a 70-200mm F2.8 Nikon VR lens mounted on a tripod.

I did find the 11mm end of the Tokina lens very very good.  Care needs to be taken with verticals and the horizon as it does create convergence, however it is sharp and produces some crisp images.  One problem I did find was the Lee Polarising filter I have can be seen at the widest end of the lens.  I got round this by using a direct lens mounted filter to polarise the light.

The area between Cape Cornwall and Lands End is amazing - I only wish I could have spend more time there!