Photography isn't about the camera

It is amazing how many times people say to me "yeah, but you have such a good camera". What I always say is that it isn"t about the camera. Most of the time nobody believes me and thinks if they get a better camera with more megapixels and bigger a lens they will take better photos.  That isn"t true, successful photography is about 3 basic things. - The light - the most important thing to create a stunning image.  95% of my photos are taken at sun rise or sun set.  The light in an image makes a massive difference and saturates the colours and creates a more dramatic image.

- The composition - All good photos have great composition.  Photos should be easy to look at and your eye should be guided around the image.  Great photos have great composition

- Timing - even landscape photography is about timing.  This maybe the time of year, time of month or time of day.  Timing is crucial - sometimes you have to wait for the correct light, the correct weather or the position of the sun and moon.

I often take photos on my iphone - to record a location I want to go back to.  Ok - the iphone is never going to be great for creating an A2 print.  But - it is amazing the quality of photos that you can get.  Take a look at 3 photos I have taken recently...

St Ives, Cornwall - taken on iPhone 4

St Ives at dusk - Taken with iPhone 4

Millenium wheel, London - Taken with iPhone 4

Millenium Wheel, London - Taken with the iPhone 4

Coniston, Lake District - Taken with iPhone 4.0

Coniston, Lake District - Taken with iPhone 4

All these photos were taken with an iPhone 4 and only cropped - no other editing was done.  They all follow the 3 rules above - light, composition and timing.  So - don"t go and buy a new camera or lens - use what you have got and concentrate more on your technique - you may be suprised!!