Cologne Sunset and Nighttime Workshop - 28th Sept

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Cologne Sunset and Nighttime Workshop - 28th Sept


My workshops are aimed at any level of photographer who is looking to improve their photography.  Either beginners looking to understand the basics and improve, through to advanced photographers looking to find some great locations or rekindle their enthusiasm and inspiration.  

This workshop is very different to my normal landscapes but Cologne offers some great opportunities and with Photokina I thought it would be great to offer a workshop for anybody attending.

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I came away from the workshop with clear ideas of how to compose a strong landscape image. Now I think harder before I press the shutter button and get better results
— Andy, Macclesfield

Start to take photos you want to hang on your wall

I believe that if you want to improve your photography you need to be in the right mindset.  I will show you how I take less photos but end up with more keepers and photos to hang on the wall

I will talk you through what I use as the 4 key elements to producing great image.   

  • Composition
  • Light
  • Subject
  • Timing

As we wonder through the landscape I will also chat to you about the technical aspects of photography.  Understanding your camera and settings but keeping it simple. I will help with this throughout the day on the technical aspects depending you your requirements.  Typical areas that I work with are the exposure triangle of f-stop, ISO and shutter speed.

I also can help with appropriate use of filters.  I think that getting the image correct in camera at the time of shoot is a good practice and helps you spend less time sat at a computer and more time out in the fresh air improving your photography.

Once we have taken the photos we can review the photos together and understand how to get the most out of the image through post processing.

Workshop Key Features

  • Maximum of 4 people 
  • Walk around the river, bridge and cathedral
  • Grab a beer afterwards

Be inspired! What you will get out of the day

Apart from some awesome images here are a few of the other benefits that a workshops can provide

  • Help with composition and how to find unique angles
  • Help with understanding light and how it can impact on the mood of the image
  • Understand the key technical elements, demystifying the often overwhelming array of camera settings (focus, exposure, histogram, lenses, tripod, filters)
  • Dedicated time to slow down and think more carefully about taking fewer but better images
  • How to visualize an image and then see that through to the final print
  • An understanding of how to effectively get the most out of your image in post processing with Lightroom 


This workshop will be in central Cologne. All travel will be on foot.  We will meet at the Cathedral around 5:30 and walk across the bridge to capture sunset.  Then back to the city for some nighttime street photography and a beer.

    Note - Insurance isn't included in the price of the workshop.  

    What should I bring along?

    • Warm clothing
    • Tripod a must for this type of photography
    • Camera (obviously) and spare batteries as they will soon go down in the cold
    • Filters if you have them (but not necessary)
    • Phone