Focus on Composition in the Lakes in Summer (26th May)

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Focus on Composition in the Lakes in Summer (26th May)


My workshops are aimed at any level of photographer who is looking to improve their photography.  Either beginners looking to understand the basics and improve, through to advanced photographers looking to find some great locations or rekindle their enthusiasm and inspiration.  The key aim of our time together is to have fun and enjoy being outdoors whilst leaving inspired to take photos that you want to hang on your wall

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I enjoyed every minute of my workshop with Nigel. His passion, enthusiasm, and technical knowledge made for a great day, and I learnt a great deal from him. I would strongly recommend a workshop with Nigel...a great experience
— Steve Ball
Nigel’s passion for photography is inspiring and contagious! Throughout the day I increased my knowledge of composition, but the best bit for me was how Nigel helped me to hone my ability is visualise an image. If, like me you love photography and are looking to improve, then I can unreservedly recommend booking one of Nigel’s workshops. You won’t regret it!
— Steve Hammond

Slow down and visualise the image before you take your camera out

I believe that if you want to improve your photography you need to be in the right mindset.  I will show you how I take less photos but end up with more keepers and photos to hang on the wall

In this workshop the main focus will be how to plan a composition. 

I will look at the 7 elements that have been successful for me over the years as outlined in this video

As we wonder through the landscape I will also chat to you about the visual aspects of photography.  

Once we have taken the photos we can review the photos together and understand how to get the most out of the image through post processing.  This area of photography is a important part of building a great image.

Workshop Key Features

  • Maximum of 4 people 
  • Transport provided
  • Visit locations you have seen in my videos (around Borrowdale, Buttermere and Derwent Water)
  • Easy / Moderate Walking at a pace that works for everyone. Maximum elevation gain (300m)

Be inspired! What you will get out of the day

Apart from some awesome images here are a few of the other benefits that a workshops can provide

  • Help with composition and how to find unique angles
  • Help with understanding light and how it can impact on the mood of the image
  • Understand the key technical elements, demystifying the often overwhelming array of camera settings (focus, exposure, histogram, lenses, tripod, filters)
  • Dedicated time to slow down and think more carefully about taking fewer but better images
  • How to visualise an image and then see that through to the final print
  • An understanding of how to effectively get the most out of your image in post processing with Lightroom 


We will visit some of the locations in my YouTube episodes from the Lake District.  View some of them here

The WHY of Landscape Photography AND an EPIC SUNRISE (or 2)

Keep things SIMPLE to IMPROVE your photography | Fuji XT2 challenge


4 Landscape Photography TIPS to Create AWESOME Photos

We will start with a pick up and briefing at Borrowdale and then travel together to different locations to make the most of the weather on the day starting with a sunrise.  These may include: Borrowdale, Derwent Water, Buttermere.

If you’re looking to improve your photography regardless of your experience Nigel is your man, he is so passionate about photography it really rubs off on you, plus his knowledge & experience is top class, that coupled with his sincere and humble personality made for a profound experience. I will be returning for more!
— Andy Noble

    What is included?

    Full details will be sent out once you have booked

    • Meet in pre arranged location  
    • Quick cuppa and briefing
    • Shooting in 2-3 locations over 6 hours (from 3:30pm - 10pm)
    • Tasty home made evening snack to keep us going
    • Post shoot sharing and comments on Google photos of your images.  A great way of getting feedback from me and your fellow workshop photographers

    Note - Insurance isn't included in the price of the workshop.  

    What should I bring along?

    • Warm / Waterproof clothing - it could still be cold
    • Walking boots
    • Camera (obviously) and spare batteries as they will soon go down in the cold
    • Tripod 
    • Filters if you have them (but not necessary)
    • Manual for camera
    • Phone